For Exceptional Beauty,
Start With the Finish.

Our revolutionary new Cambria Matte™ finish is now available in every design with uncompromising quality, unsurpassed beauty, and a Lifetime Limited Warranty to ensure years of flawless performance.

Tools of the Trade

You’re not just working on projects. You’re working on people's dreams. That’s why Cambria® offers a wealth of valuable support and useful resources you can use every day to build customer satisfactionand your business. 

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    Build A Presentation

    Present your clients with a simple PDF with specs, paint colors, designs, and important information customized for their projects. 

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    The Perfect Match

    Compare complementary hand-selected Benjamin Moore paint colors side by side with your favorite Cambria designs to find the perfect match. 

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    Satisfaction Guaranteed

    The finest materials and unmatched American craftsmanship enable Cambria to offer a Lifetime Limited Warranty on all of our products.

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